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ASUU TO CALL OFF STRIKE IN 7 UNIVERSITIES? We have just received an information on the latest improvement from ASUU, and this time it is good news for the lucky students in a selected few universities. News filtering from ASUU HQ this morning indicates that the body has reached an agreement to call of the strike in 7 universities if certain conditions are met, while other universities are been reviewed as at press time. The chairman of ASUU gave the list below “well, after hearing of the plight of students, we have decided to help some students go back to school, if their schools can comply with a strict set of rules, as mentioned below” 1. UNILAG: Unilag must agree to change their name to MAULAG. Without prostest, riot or diss track. If they don’t like the name , then they should forget about school till further notice. 2. LASU: all cultists in lasu must give their lives to Jesus, come out clean and the killer of damoche(RIP) must be fished out ..or else LASU is facing a long strike. 3. UI: All students in UI must have tribal marks and no one is allowed to bring any car model from 2004 downwards. 4. DELSU: All delta state girls must become christian and always wear raper 2 school……….. 6. OSU must bring 5 virgins from 100 level and if they cant they should look for 1 virgin from 400 level ..and the strike would off. 6. OAU: All oau student must bring one plate of colanut,7 tubas of yam,hot drinks,one galon of grandnut oil and native chulk,if dey do all dis,we will call dem bck 2 school. 7: AAU finally. All aau femal student must nt do make up,musa always dress like Jahova witness,must nt pant,and d male student must nt stand or sit with girls. If dey refused 2 abid by d rules and regulation,we will nt only hold dem on strike,we will also bomb d school? Looool... You actually thought this was true at the beginning.... quote me if u can?
Posted on: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 05:16:45 +0000

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