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Afternoon Reminder. Tuesday. Accepting gifts from Non Muslims on their festivals or celebrations. Dealing with non-Muslims is very sensitive. Muslims need to be balanced in their attitude toward them. On the one hand, Muslims have to be just and kind toward non-Muslims in order to reconcile their hearts and show them the tolerance of Islam. On the other hand, Muslims may not compromise the basics of their religion or get involved with them in whatever is related to their rituals or religious practices. Accepting gifts from non-Muslims is a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). If the gift is related directly to the rituals they have on that day, then you may decline it. If the gift, however, is not related to their rituals, you may accept it. Meaning you can accept it if halaal and can decline it by humbly telling the person sorry I dont celebrate Xmas bcs Jesus Christ Peace be upon him didnt teach so. Imam Ibn Taymiyyah stated that it is permissible to accept the gifts of the non-Muslims on their feasts. He mentioned a report indicating that `Ali R.A, accepted the gift of some non-Muslims on the day of Nayrouz. `Aishah R.A, was also asked about the Zoroastrians giving gifts to Muslims on their feast and she said, Whatever they slaughtered for their day, do not eat it, but eat from their trees like apples, pawpaw, grapes etc (reported by Ibn Abi Shaybah). This means that the meat of the Zoroastrians is not permissible. You must keep in mind, whenever you receive gifts from or give gifts to them, that you are doing this to reconcile their hearts. It should be clear both in your heart and to them that you do not celebrate their feasts, particularly one in which they claim that God or part of Him was born Xmas — Exalted He is above what they ascribe to Him. If they wish you Merry Christmas, humbly respond, fortunately I dont celebrate what Jesus Christ Peace be upon him never taught and please never wish any of them be it your boss or your mother. To be concluded in shaa Allah. May Allah keep guiding us all and guide the misguided to the teachings of Islam. Aameen Ya-Aziz !!!
Posted on: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 15:07:11 +0000

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