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Ajibola: APC and their Hypocrisy ------------------ A picture of Sen. S. S. Ajibola in a turban surfaced on social media today and APC sympathizers feasted on it, like ants will do to sugar. Even though the picture was obviously a photoshopped one, APC sympathizers threw all caution to the wind and started calling Ajibola all sort of names. Olatunji Moronfoye, the Commissioner for Information and Communication in Kwara State, took to his facebook page to rant about how he, as a Christian, can not do such and declared that Ajibola just denied Christ. What a damning verdict by His Lordship Moronfoye. Following the judgement by Judge Moronfoye, Ajibola should better book a first class ticket to hell now. Moronfoye further wrote: ...cock just crowed the third time. Thanks for denying the king of peace & lord of lords....The first commandment says; Thou shall not have any other gods beside me. Moronfoye later quoted Romans 12v19 for Ajibola. APC always sees anything done by the opposition party through their APC shades of hypocrisy. The party has demonstrated to Kwarans that they have selective amnesia and we will remind them. On Thursday, October 12, 2006, Shawn Carter (popularly known as Jay-Z), an American rapper and his wife Beyonce, were guests of Sen. Bukola Saraki (then governor of the state). Jay-Z was later turbaned by the Emir of Ilorin as Sarkin Waka of Ilorin. How come Moronfoye did not jump on Facebook that day to condemn Jay-Z, an American, wearing a turban? How come Moronfoye and his ilk did not see anything wrong with Jay-Z being turbaned by the Emir of Ilorin, in an event facilitated by their dealer (sorry, leader), Sen. Bukola Saraki? When it is about Ajibola, APC sympathizers quickly rendered useless the part of their brain that needs to remind them that religion is in the heart and not what we wear. A simple search online shows that turban is a clothing worn in hot weather to protect the head, hair, and for hygenie purposes. The King of Berom, in Plateau State, is a Christian and he wears a turban. There are a lot of places on earth where Christians wear turbans. Even though Ajibola never wore the turban, APC e-rats pounced on him like he is the one holding back their destiny. It is only a government that has no tangible achievements that will be trying to smear the opposition candidate at all cost. Moronfoye, the Commissioner for Disinformation and Miscommunication, who made you the judge? Since Moronfole calls himself a Christian and is quick to quote the Bible for Ajibola, I think he should cogitate on Matthew 7v1 very well: Judge not, that ye be not judged.
Posted on: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 02:10:50 +0000

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