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Apologies due to some things, im unable to make the announcement or release the song for another day or two.. however as Promised, the new single from the S.T.D Silver Tongued Devil Mixtape... I Left it all on the track with this one here.. even sang the hook myself(with alotta help from vocal effects) thanks to all my fans, friends and family whove stood by me these last few months have been the hardest ive ever endured physically, emotionally, mentally... and at the height of what could be the start of something with this music.. the person who helped me the most pushed me, inspired me isnt here for me to share it with, and see whats about to transpire.. through every studio, every label, every producer, every show and every song ive grown as an artist, and with every struggle every triumph, every fail, every attempt ive grown as a man.. I Realize now that if ive truly lost everything that matters in my life, I still have music, I still have time, and I still have a legacy.. and I REFUSE to let a dream I sank so much money and ohh so precious time, blood sweat and tears into to give it up right now, to let it be a dark point in both our lives.. I will leave something I can be proud of, and my kids one day can be too.. and I WILL stay real, and keep pursuing this, and when I look back a year, ten years from now.. this will be the turning point.. that moment when I pulled myelf back up and fought with everything I have for what I believe in... lifes funny, when I announce and release these 2 records, ill be on top... but it all came out of a long shot from the lowest point in my life... its now or never.. go for it all... or let the glory fade into what once was, what could have been, or what never was https://youtube/watch?v=ALOcebNCeAw
Posted on: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 05:28:26 +0000

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