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DEFINITION OF WAHALA: ~when the person interviewing you at your new job is the same guy youinsulted in traffic. You go apologise tire. ~When you tell your friend your mama!!! and turn around and see his or her mum staring at you. Meeehn, u go collect plenty slap. ~When Mosquito lands on your fathers bald head and u try to kill it with your bare hands. You must provide d proof ohh, or else...: ~When Patience Ebele is ur English Teacher before WAEC. Na A1 u go get, no worry. ~ when you updatesalary things on facebook and your landlord comments on point U go travel go villa by force. ~ when youre in a bus and you throw away #500 note instead of gala wrapper. Oboy, E don red be dat! cry ~ when ur dad works at NEPA and they take light and you shout God punish NEPA.......and hes there with u. Na ur mama go start to pay ur school fees. ~ when u dey on top okada and the okada man dey ping... Na automatic ticket to Baba God be dat.: ~ when you finish eating in an eatery and u find out ur wallet fell out in a taxi... Start to prepare ur grammar ~ when Usain Bolt chases u with a Cutlass... Olboy, just stop beg am. ~ when u give beggar# 5000 note instead of #50. Generosity go change mind.
Posted on: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 22:01:06 +0000

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