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(Dawn) From one of our supporters: John Buchanan Pulse Rates Crouched in the shade of a tree pulse rate; fifty three. I Watch a goat herd amble by as the sun climbs in the sky Hid behind the tree pulse rate; a hundred and sixty three. Listen to rounds spin by as the Taliban let fly. Crawl away in the muck pulse rate; who give a flying f*#@ Dust flies on the hillock nearby as our gun team lay down heavy reply. Lain on the bank of the Wadi Pulse rate; a hundred and forty. As we suppress; the left flank move Tommy Terrorist to remove. Sat on a box back at base Pulse rate; eighty eight. We’ve been debriefed and had some scoff Now it’s time to knock off. Crashed out on a saggy camp cot Pulse rate: quite a lot. Thoughts keep flying through my head Today, I was lucky, I’m not dead. John Carré Buchanan 29 August 2011
Posted on: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:50:52 +0000

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