**** EMERGENCY ***** * DIES ANY TIME * POUND IS FULL * DIES ANY TIME * *** POUND IS FULL AND EUTHING FOR SPACE *** THE HARSH REALITY…THIS POUND HAD TO EUTHANIZE LAST WEEK… MANY OF THE FACES YOU WILL SEE POSTED HERE THROUGHOUT THE DAY WERE THERE LAST WEEK… TOMORROW IT MAY BE THEIR TURN… THESE DOGS AND THIS POUND ARE IN CRISIS…. THEY NEED OUR HELP AND THEY NEED IT RIGHT NOW… THERE IS NO TOMORROW FOR MANY OF THESE SOUL… PERRY - Picked up as a stray. Perry is one strong dog! He has quite a bit of spunk, but he is smart! If you can get his attention, he will sit, give you his paw, knows down, and rolls over. All in a matter of seconds, and then hes up and about again!! Perry is a handsome guy, he has a little bit of hair loss, which would go with the Shar Pei we see in this guy...those ears!!! If you love the big strong dogs, then dont wait...hes definitely been trained! The Pound has him listed as a Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull/Shar Pei mix. ELMA - Picked up as a stray. Elma looks like shes had a rough life! She has some sores on her head, and on her body. Elma loves and adores people. But she is not fond of the other dogs barking at her, and she gives it right back. She is so cute, has round shaped head, and an adorable underbite! Elma needs some TLC!!! The Pound has her listed as a young American Bulldog mix. HANSONE – Picked up as a stray. He is a young, smaller Manchester Terrier mix. Hansone is a spunky little guy, and not very old. The Pound is no place for this baby!!! Just open his cage door and hell be in yours arms! If you are looking for a smaller dog, one that is friendly and adorable, then stop looking... Hansone is your man!!! CONTACT INFO: Stark County Dog Pound 1801 Mahoning Road NE Canton, Ohio 44705 330-451-2343 Perry: petfinder/petdetail/27711424/ Elma: petfinder/petdetail/27711474/ Hansone: petfinder/petdetail/27732021/
Posted on: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 20:16:25 +0000

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