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Good morning FB. First of all I would like to say thank You Lord for all that You have done and giving us another day. I was too tired to do this yesterday so here it goes. I started planning a party in January for my grandmothers 85th birthday. Yesterday we celebrated, shed some tears, laughed, danced and most of all became closer as a family. I enjoyed seeing family and friends come together as one for a very special occasion. I want to thank our decorator Mrs. Keisha Ford Paul. This lady can decorate yall!!!! I want to thank Shikera Price for the corsage, cake pops and cupcakes. I didnt get to eat one but my son kept hollering for some more. Lol. Everyone said they were delicious. Thank you to the DJ Marlon Banks! My family enjoyed dancing and especially to Zydeco. Thank you to to the best photographer Mr. Jercory Wells. Cant wait to see the pics. Thank you to Mrs. Linda Fundberk Johnson we love hearing you sing. Thank you to our servers Fabare Booker, Tranita Franklin, Janice Campbell, and Valencia Brown. Thank you ladies for serving with no complaints and I could go on but yall know the rest. LOL! I love yall to pieces. Thank you Marisa Kirt for that damn good crawfish pasta. Ppl say you stuck your foot in it. I say you stuck your ass in it. Lmao! Thats all Jayden wanted to eat when he got home and cake. Thank you to Mildred Valore for the rice. Kim Valore Wallace Debra Valore. Thank you to the best damn bbq man on the planet Mr. Melvin The Pit Master. If you think you the best kill yo self! Thank you to Khristella Joseph for the bookmarks. Thank you to my brothers and mother for help making this party a sucess! LeRoy Brown Jr. Thanks to my sister in law for help coordinating the event with me. Jessica Campbell-Brown. Thanks to my Uncle Bobby for coming from California, my cousin Coco Elysses from Chicago, Illinois, my cousin Robert Jacobs from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all those from surrounding areas. Thanks yall are the best. Truly a blessing!!!!
Posted on: Mon, 03 Mar 2014 16:51:40 +0000

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