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!!!!!! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY !!!!!! Women have come such a long way towards equality, but we have so much further to go. Love yourself, be proud of yourself, love others, and be proud of others. Focus on lifting each other up, instead of tearing each other apart. Women need to support women, because without that support so long ago, we wouldnt be where we are now. #IWD2014 #CelebrateWomen From the Article: And what did she accomplish in almost two decades on the opposition benches? Macphail constantly challenged the dominant assumption of the time that women were destined only to be wives and mothers. She pushed for gender equality and believed it could best be achieved through social and economic reforms. She fought for equal pay for equal work and opposed minimum wage laws for women. She usually opposed anything that she thought represented special treatment for women. In her first major speech in the Commons, Macphail opposed an amendment to the Dominion Elections Act intended to give voting privileges to foreign women married to Canadian citizens. To her, the women were being treated as appendages to their husbands. I think what women really want today is perfect equality with men, Macphail told the Commons. In his book, Agnes Macphail and the Politics of Equality, Terry Crowley wrote, the teenager brooded incessantly over the cruel fate she suffered by being born female .... Even as a youth Agnes was resentful that womens life cycles were governed by childbirth. Was it not possible, she wondered, for women to live their own individual lives as complete persons in addition to bearing children or in place of their maternal role? #IWD2014 #CdnPoli elections.ca/res/eim/article_search/article.asp?id=108&lang=e&frmPageSize=
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