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Heading to town for vittles but first wanted to post this message. After some lengthy discussions with Terry and Elvis Larry we have decided to seriously consider the idea of publishing video footage of the gang for those missing the show. Im still trying to find a network home for the cast but until that happens, if it does, we need to move into another direction. A gentleman from Ohio (Hello Ibo) is interested in possibly partnering for an internet pay channel which would deliver many hours of programming for subscribers of Terry and the gang, but that would be down the road, sometime in early to mid 2015 more than likely. We would like to do something now but it is only going to be possible if the show fans are interested. We have a good start on equipment with GoPros and accessories, but we are going to need to invest into a broadcast quality camera in order to make this pleasurable viewing for the audience. Bottom line, camera costs along with editing costs will have to be defrayed with the sale of cast merchandise or we will not be able to even get this thing going. So, give us some feedback and let us know what you think. First order of business for filming is to spend a day with Elvis Larry getting his hair done. Its going gray and he needs a paint job bad but the store bought hair dyes have started burning his head and mug. We want to spend the day with Larry shopping for the dye and possibly going to the beauty shop to get a professional job if he cannot find something on the shelf that does not burn his hide. We really want to share another Christmas with you folks as well so following the gang through Wal-Mart and the mall looking for presents is definitely on our wish list too. I will get some Elvis Larry shirts made up ASAP along with other items if you folks are interested in seeing more of the gang, but you have to let me know. I have bears to feed so I really cannot afford to drop $4-$5 grand on a camera right now so I will definitely have to sell quite a few shirts, posters and hats to make this a go. Thanks!
Posted on: Sat, 29 Nov 2014 22:37:00 +0000

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