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Hello Contract wars Players :) I am the leader of [BDK] clan Immortal Assassin. I would like to tell you all we want to recruit upto 80 members the total space in clan is 80 we are not making it more larger thats the limit. We need all loyal and pro players for the clan which can help us go further in ratings . What we Offer you ? Our offer to you is simple you are using all clan skills which are Assault Fully Opened Destroyer 2 parts Opened Sniper skills 1 part Opened Gunsmith 1 part Opened Clan Drills Fully Opened Clan Costumer service 2 parts opened Leader skills 1 Opened What else is there ? We have our own clan group where we post all kind of strategies and updates about clan . We have our Official clan chat where you will be in touch with every member all time . You will experience what real clan is and what is friendship. we are now 39 players and we love each other like a family everyone supports and respects each others thoughts :) (Y)
Posted on: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 15:58:38 +0000

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