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Horror Project/ Part 9 of 31: Fearing love and hate The Night of the Hunter Cinemas great Southern Gothic Thriller. From wiki: In the 1930s West Virginia, along the Ohio River, Reverend Harry Powell, a serial killer, flees the scene of his latest victim. Powell, a misogynist (with a penchant for switchblade knives) and a self-appointed preacher, travels the country marrying and then killing women, believing he is doing Gods work. The one and only movie (soley) directed by Charles Laughton. Starring the crazy Robert Mitchum as a con-man preacher with the iconic knuckle tattoos that chases two brats around the South Atlantic. The movie may be from the 50s, but the unfortunate events that these young and vulnerables endure still resonates fear in me. It could just be that Mitchum is too good at playing one of those unstoppable forces or nature that you hope only exists in your worst nightmares. The kids arent as great at acting in my opinion (that last scene made me laugh when I know I wasnt supposed to), but the movie has that kind of late night fairy tale cautionary story feel that feels all its own. Obviously the movie has had a large amount of influence in style, story, and iconography (David Lynchs Dune takes some narrative cues from this oddly enough), but it worth mentioning that the style is mostly an adaptation of the expressionist styles the Germans were using decades earlier. All in all, Mitchum and the compelling story make this thriller stand the tests of time.
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