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Howdy Yall, this is Mate, Guy McLeans 2013 World Champion. Spinabbey and Guy have nominated me for 5 pics and here they are. The first one is pretty exciting, most World Champs take years to win their titles but I won my buckle in just 3 days and you can see quite clearly that Guy felt very humbled to be able to come along for the ride. The second shot is of me working my new family members at liberty on the tenth ride of my life. Shot number three is of me helping a young mare at Equine Affair to feel Comfort within the Uncomfortable (thats what Dad calls it anyway). Pic number 4 is me performing our Guy McLean and his Two World Champs act at Horseworld Expo in February this year whilst I PiggyBack Guy around the arena. The last one is pretty much the same one as Aussies but it is by far my Favourite of all, as to me Sleeping is the New Working and I just cant get enough of it. All world Champions need their beauty rest so whilst Dad is on the road with the Aussies, Ill get back to working on looking Beautiful. I was the last one of Guys friends to be nominated for Five Pics and was honored to do so and thank my teammates for the opportunity. So from this Good Ole Boy from Texas, Goodbye and Good Luck and You all come back now, you hear?
Posted on: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 20:23:51 +0000

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