I URGENTLY NEED TWO SERIOUS PEOPLE TO START A SOLID MONEY MAKING TEAM... FLIPPING4PROFIT STRUCTURED REFERRAL PLAN (12 ranks from blue star to global ambassador) $40 instant reward for direct referral and $20 second level 1.Pay a once of fee of $249.00 and become a blue star member. 2. Invite two friends to pay to be blue like you and you will grow to Silver Star (get $500 travel voucher as a bonus) 3. Develop two blue star friends to be Silver like you and you will move to Gold Star (receive a Gold step bonus, qualify for triple silver bonus, qualify for silver step bonus) 4. Develop your two silver star friends to be Gold star like you and you will become Executive member (receive Silver step bonuses, Gold step bonuses, Gold matching bonuses, Silver step bonuses, triple silver bonus) 5. Develop your 2 friends to be Executive like you and you will become an Star Executive member (qualify to receive a car bonus worth R200 00.00 if you developed 25 Gold step bonuses in one calendar month, plus all other benefits) Grow your team of two friends until they become diamond ambassadors where you will become a global ambassador and receive a R1 000 000.00 in cash plus all bonuses mentioned above. MIND YOU, all the money you earn is paid weekly and monthly, you choose what to do with it, either you withdraw it or you invest it on the property. NO MONTHLY PREMIUMS FROM YOU STILL NOT CLEAR? Send a WhatsApp on 074 2303510 Call: 083 6586962 REGISTRATION LINK: flipping4profit/wozaonline
Posted on: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 16:24:23 +0000

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