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I am not my making plans of violence or evil words to say to Zimmerman. People wake up! This case alone shows how it ok for white man to harm a black man! If they got away with Rodney King they were going to get away with Trayvon, and Trayvon is not 6 feet under for wanting a pack of skittles. And all the defense could say is that he was using " racial profiling". Okay? I am pretty sure that every race likes skittles?! And I am also pretty sure that he wasnt the only one buying something that night. As well as he not the only one that wears a baggy hoodie. So what Racial profile does he meet? I will tell you, a normal teenager. No skin needed, just a normal teen that had the skittles cravings. AS being trained through telecomunicator( 911 dispatcher) i am train to handle very unique situations. As a telecommmunicator my job is to serve and help the people. AS a telecommmunicator i am a professional! What is Zimmerman? So what is Racail profiling ... Racism in cop slang. Give them the right to assume the worst about you not cause they know you but because of your skin and the clothes you wear. But wait he not even a cop or security officer! He is an everyday citizen like you and me. His attorney said that Zimmerman used self-defense, he didnt need self-defense if he would have stayed in the car. And to the 6 ladys that were the jury job well done.. you made sure Zimmerman would smile one more time. Once when he did the act and now that he has gotten away with it. My dream to become an attorney is now stronger than ever know. Yeah i am sorry to Trayvon family for the injustice, but get him back civilly. But know my eyes are wide open to the fact the world doesnt want a decent black man... BUT THEIR GOING TO GET AN AWSOME ON OUT OF ME. #PROUDTOBEAFRICANAMERICAN
Posted on: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 04:44:40 +0000

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