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I feel so bummed because poker dealers dont have enough idea about the game to understand that percentage tips is just out of question. Professionals have average of 5% edge over amateurs in long term average which means if they take $100 pot, they take $5 in average. Rake is $7 and you give dealer $1 toke. (5-8 is -3 you theoretically lost $3) Dealers dont complain about those. Lets say you take $200 pot, (invest $100) Your long term equity was $110 which mean long term profit is $10. (You can also lose, thats the reason) if you give $5 tip to the dealer, that $7 rake +$5 toke which makes it unprofitable for you to play. If I were to explain this to a dealer, I would have to sit them privately and teach them about the long term equity concept just so I can tell them why its so ridiculous how they dont appreciate $1 toke. Bunch of amateurs spoil the dealers because (amateurs are long term losers anyways), that they think thats normal, but unless professionals get consistently lucky, its almost impossible for professionals to consistently make long term profit if they tip too heavily on the pot. My ROI on tournament winnings are about 30%. If I win $1,200 and tip away $100, Ive given them a whole buy in worth. Lets say I win 1 in 5. 4 times I lose total of 400, 1 time I win 1,000. I won $600 net profit in 5 games averaging $120 per game. Assuming I commit 4 hours of play, Im averaging around $30 per hour. But lets suppose I tip dealer 10% of income. So I tip away $100, making my net profit $500 instead of $600. Now my average is around $100 per game which lowers my hourly rate to $25/hr. Poker dealers make around $25/hour with 3% tip. So Ive just promoted dealers to extra $12/hr making them $40/hr job while you demoted yourself to $25/hr. So Poker is Zero-Sum game in every aspect because depending on how you tip your dealers, you are literally demoting your hourly wage. If I had to sit a dealer down and teach him all the concept, he might job refuse to listen. They have the right to remain stupid. (Or lets just all sit out when the complaining dealers are dealing to us so they dont make any money for that hour)
Posted on: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 07:59:40 +0000

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