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I got the number 22. Here are 22 facts about me. 1. I was born in Chicago Illinois. 2. I was born on 2/2/61. Yes on ground hogs day. 3. My family always asks me if Ive seen my shadow. 4. I love my family. 5. I love listening to all kinds of music. 6. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan for life. 7. Love long hair. 8. My favorite color is purple. 9. I grew up in California and I love the beach. 10. I dont like cooked fruit. 11. I joined Facebook so I could stay in touch with all of my family. 12. I am a manager for a scrub shop and I have worked there for about twelve years. 13. My favorite author is Janet Evanovich. I laugh when reading her books. 14. I love to cook. 15. I make the best tacos, and biscuits and gravy. I learned how to cook from my step Mom Eula Mae Hamshar. I miss her. 16. I believe honesty is the best policy. 17. My favorite t.v. show is NCIS. I watch t.v. only on Tuesday. 18. Most days it is noisy at my house. 19.I love holding my husbands hand. 20.I love spending time with my grandkids!! 21. I love to make people laugh. 22. I did this and was worried I would get a big number, but I wanted my grandkids who dont live by me get to know me. Now that Im done I realize I would have been alright with a large number. Like my post and I will give you a number. This was fun.
Posted on: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 17:56:34 +0000

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