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I jus want to take a moment to encourage u all. I know that so many bad things are going on all around us and it seems as though the bad has taken a toll on us all but one thing we must know and remember is that our God is still in control. Our God is powerful, mighty, faithful and true and no matter what we are facing or what is happening around us, we have the power to change our circumstances by jus calling on the Name of Jesus!! There is power in that Name. When u find yourself in the midst of a crisis or u feel as though u are fighting a losing batter, jus take a moment to call on Jesus and things will change! At the mention of his Name he begin to work in our favor. He is the answer to every bad situation and every attack of the enemy. We have allowed the enemy to run ramped for too long and its time to put the devil on lock down!! We gotta PRAY people! If we all continue to pray things around us will change. Prayer warriors our youth need us! Our city need us! Lets all join together as a whole and pray! The bible says; Where two or three are gathered in his Name, there shall he be in the midst!! Who is willing to join with us at Shekinah Glory daily at 12 noon, wherever u are at 12, jus take a moment to utter a prayer and lets take back our city!! Lets take back our youth! Lets take back our loved ones!
Posted on: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 06:13:59 +0000

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