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I just read an email on my gofundme campaign Who is from profitriver band member.Who shall remain namelesss.that person is a trustee to the trust fund without even asking me what I was campaigning for they sent an email to the people donating money to me stating the exact opposite of what it is I am trying to fight for and change for the rest of profit river band members. So they do not have to do this in the future somethings not right with the way their trust was set up and the only way to change The trust is to just sit and talk to the trust lawyers so they can explain to me how the trust works.I would gladly sit and talk to a trust lawyer but first I need a lawyer to represent me when I sit and talk to them.The same person has lost family members with underage kids she is alright with the way the trust is set up she is now a grandma I wonder how she would feel if her child passed away leaving her kids her grandkids that is with nothing until they turn 19.I have talked to other members of the band and they do not agree with the way their own trust fund is set up.I dont know if theyre too scared to stand up for themselves.I certainly am not a scared to stand up For what is right I just dont have the money to obtain a lawyer Who specializes in this sort of matters because as I stated earlier they have trust lawyers already for matters such as this.so again please find it in your hearts to contribute to my gofundme campaign thank you for taking the time
Posted on: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 07:21:20 +0000

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