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Ive spent the last couple of days giving willowwild.org a much-needed update for the holidays. Im not a natural-born web designer--so it takes me awhile to do this, and the pros could probably point out a thousand mistakes. But it looks pretty good to me. Thanksgiving week, I thought, would be a good time to give a shout-out to the many local businesses who have been such a huge part of our effort. Without fail, each of the companies listed on the updated landing page have responded to our requests for help--instantly and without question. Ive listed their names on the website, but for you guys Ill provide a bit more info. Were thankful for The e-News and The Leader, of course--where would we be without them...and their discounted advertising rates. We thank Parker for his--now annual--barbecue brisket for Mothers Day on the Grounds. And we thank Brookshires for providing the raw product. Have you noticed the new signs marking the sections--if youve tried to locate a particular gravesite, you have. Signs by Vic made those--theyre repurposed from old Bonham city street signs hes managed to salvage. And whats a sign without a pole? Crossroads Hardware in Leonard gave us a steep discount on the poles. Bonhams Walmart has been a reliable source for any building materials we might need. The office has been transformed over the last year--Carolyn and Ben have truly brought order from chaos. If you happen in, notice the new floors--courtesy of a long-time Bonham business known as Walker & Sons. Those urns beside the office entrance? Hope Concrete. (Plants included.) Most deserving of our thanks, however, is Love Monuments, who during one of our darkest moments last spring came along and swept it all away. We are humbly grateful. We give thanks.
Posted on: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 02:10:10 +0000

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