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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus My beloved Groom: What do I have that is not already yours? What can I possibly give you that you don’t already possess? I get weak at my knees at the mention of your name, my heart races as you enter into the room. I run to the mirror my soon to be husband arrives and although I don’t see his face my heart knows his steps. Curses, it is not enough: Why could my eyes be more colorful, my hair lacks luster, how I wish my lips were more ruby red? Why would he love me? IF only my walk could be as graceful as a gazelle? This dress: It is not enough …It is not enough? I run to the closet, I must have something prettier…I sit down and cry.. How can he possibly Love me; why would one so beautiful, see in me? Something must be wrong in this; I tell him: He needs his eyes checked, (he laughs and thinks I am funny). Nevertheless He has said: He wants to marry me; ME? How can I possibly ever measure up? He is my passion, he is my hunger, and He is my need. He says He wants to give me his name: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, He has made me his princesses. To be known by the name of Jesus: How unworthy I am to be known by that name. The name attached to my name: How unlikely!!! He adamantly declares: He would not have it any other way!!This is too good to be true! Of all the jewels he has given me, of all the diamonds he has laid at my feet of all the riches he said was mine there is nothing more that I value then his name, my treasured ones name ! Does he know: that I value my loved ones name, his name has burns as a fire in my veins. Never, Never my dearest will I allow a lie to be spoken with your name. Never, Never my heart, will I allow anyone to disrespect your name: I look to my beloved my eyes meet his, passion burns in his eyes for me? desire in his heart: I look to Jesus: Does he know how deep my love runs for him, I cannot think, my heart beat so and how I love to say his name and my name his name and my name. How many times I have sat down and written his name and my name his name and my name: I can’t wait I can’t wait! I run to my beloved and stop short I fall to my knees just before him and at that moment trillions fall to their knees behind me and all at once. With one voice we say: “JESUS”
Posted on: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 11:07:41 +0000

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