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LOL not pointing no one out particularly, cause Ive seen this done by numerous artist... If you are trying to even be understood in this Game make sure you could write a HOOK! I know all these artist prolly gunna be sour af at me sayin I Kill Hooks What Tf Is He Sayin but in reality the Majority of these local artist cant even come up with a catchy hook!!! Yall just write and call your self ARTISTS when your NOT just Plain Jane Rappers!! Im not hating, but giving you the criticism YOU NEED!! Theres Rappers out there that suck, but there Friends & Family are the ONLY ones saying that there good!! Thats like buying a Hershey bar and coming home to open the package and see a kit katt!! Once again Im not trying to lead like Im the best in the biiz BUT these are the things Ive questioned about myself that have made me a better artist!! You could take this how you want it!!! How Id take it as another artist trying to help YOU OUT!!! You might be 26-30 years old and SUCK and think of me being 18 years old and say Well What Does He Know but Ill tell you one thing, I wouldnt be as good as I am by NOT taking other peoples Advice!!! Straighten TF up!! You want people to take you seriously, First YOU yourself have to take it Seriously!! A lot of yall wanna play Rapper but dont even know the first thing about it, just jump on the mic and spit right??? #Salute soundcloud/dkg101
Posted on: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 15:47:54 +0000

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