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Last week we brought home a mellow man Since I have been dying for another cat. We knew our current cat Nucky was not going to be on board what so ever. When we adopted her she would his at all the other cats even if she was twice their size. In order to try and integrate them with out traumatizing Nucky I took some of your suggestions from your show. We got a baby gate and then taped up a big box lid above since Chalky (our new little boy) was easily able to scale it. We placed this between the bedroom and the living room. Over the last few days we have been moving their food bowls closer and closer to the gate. Making sure to play with them, and switching the sides of the gate they stayed on. Today they are able to sniff each other though the gate and even have been playing a bit with no hissing or growling. I even just held the little man in my lap and Nucky sat less then a foot and a half away with out hissing hanging her head or growling. Im going tos will wait another day or two before trying to remove the gate, but I wanted to say thank you since I dont know if I would have been able to even get Nucky to look at a new kitty with out some of your tips.
Posted on: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 22:59:02 +0000

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