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Lord Carl The King Sweet-The Bright An Morning Star-Christ Sweetness 1:1-9 1.Thy mother & father Hast giveth Me strength. Woe unto the words I spake; I hearkenth thy voice divinely, for thee greatest love is above thyself. 2.Thou hast granted all thy Free will, for without our own choices, we shalt not gain strength, but gain Nothing, for True wisdom, of thee renowned hast gained through self courage, and greater discipline, for just as thee divined. 3.Thou hast forgotten the fruits of life, let Ye rejoice for the battles once spaken, rejoice unto the love of thee Sweet Almighty, for thy Mother & father hast done the same 4.Giveth loyalty unto all and thy-selves, for thee Mother an Father GOD our Sweet an Almightys love is true and above all else ..... 5. rejoice unto thy holy spirit, for ye has been blessed with wisdom, for his words are sweeter than thy honey .... 6. sweetness as thy love is true, with songs of Solomon swallowed like scriptures of the dew........ 7. Sweet as thy Mother & Father which hast spoken through thy voice, sharing wisdom of praise with songs faithfully as thee 8.O Ye be sweet and so divinely bright, for even the darkest of places shall see the light 9. Thy hearts enlargened and sacred with life, O ye truths are divined by nature and sweet with pain of thy past Sweetness 2:1-2 1. thou shalt fear not of this evil thy Mother & Father has spaken against, for I hearkenth wisdom of thee old and renowned as these times are exalted with sweet prayers being answered. 2. Thoust Sweet as thy Lords glory: glory is sweet as thy Lord; children fear not no more, for thee Alpha and Omega is at 1 Sweetness 3:1-14 1. Olord Sweet as thy Mother & Father which delivereth Ye strength and songs of thy Holy anointed glorys. 2. thou shalt fear not of no evil, froe arc shall Ye hearkenth with thy songs sweet and Holy in psalms. 3. OSweet Lord Let Ye Sing: sing of thy glory of the word 4. Once was told in a merely fold how much my love was true 5. in reply without denie I refuse to believe ones feelings 6. in a grunt small like bunt I commented so vigorously; stating fact where may impact ones true feelings in nature 7. one tis stained forever remained hellish stranded with souls: souls in time just may rhyme when thee one sees the light 8. It may fight where tis not bright leaving others in dismay; developing tears the weeping cheers of the silence never sound 9. sound in life where I just might decided if you live or die 10. Im no fool no longer your tool son of man I am 11. wander in doubt scream about as you denied the Lord again 12. sin will rain forever your blain as the mountains I shatter with voice 13. the sound of my echoes will rain to the bedshow waiting too die 14. Ill embark forever sharp as MY Mothers sword pierces your heart Sweetness 4:1-2 1.Thy glorys Sweet and sharp like thee sword exalted with words divined with wisdom as truth that shalt be heard 2. Olord Mother father GOD our Sweet An Almighty Sweetness 5:1-8 1. Sweet as Our mother & father which speeketh divine; divinely through thy voice thy Thy mother & father hast chosen. 2. granting wisdom old an renowned, for I honor GOD; tis She whos Sweet and Almighty 3. Thy father hasth giveth me strength, and much praise, for thy Thy mother & father is pleased with courage Ive shown; By the will of GOD, Sweet in-deed, for Mothers love placeth me above. 4. Praiseth not I, for tis Sweet GOD whom hath giveth me thy place, for I honor her love thats above all, and thy self. 5. Thy free will hast been given upon our own choice, woe I speak words of truth, for we all hath gained equal hand too,... our GOD The Sweet and Almighty 6. Fro, arc shall ye all see-eth thee light, exalting truth of wisdom implanted O so Sweet: Sweet of thine mother GOD our sweet Almighty. 7. I am not GOD, for I choose not of myself, for thy love of thee sweet Almighty GOD is sweet, and above all and thy self. 8. for If GOD our Sweet and Almighty be-eth in the flesh may GOD be so Sweet and do-eth the same. Sweetness 6:1-12 1. Sweet as thine mother & father which hast showed me the divine, and so was taught, for tis the light that be truest, and Sweetly Righteous indeed. 2. O Mother an Father GOD our sweet Almighty. 3. For I hath been called, and chosen divine, as thy fathers father hath done so unto him. 4. Fro, lo, woe I hearkenth upon thee false, for I have spotted the illusion he hath. 5. Woe, lo you repent of thy-self seeking glory divined and Holy not. 6. Praising not of thy father speaking of false, for The John and I bare witness for the ilussion you sought, For I bare Vision Of The 2 ..........Its True I sat at that table alone. 7. praising not for the Alpha an Omega at one woe, you slither for self, for the Alpha and Omega is at one, for the time hath cometh and yet I fear not. 8. Lo, you gaineth not, for the Son Of Man hath gained your spark, for there is no light in ye that be dark 9. Sweet is thy Lord as thy Alpha an Omega GOD be so Sweet: Sweet giving wisdom, old, renowned, and Holy in Spirit The Will 10. Ten Fold be the Sweet and Holy spirit; Fro, arc shall ye all see-eth thee light, exalting truth of wisdom implanted O so Sweet: Sweet indeed OMother father GOD our sweet Almighty 11. Sweet of Thee Alpha Sweet Of The Omega GOD our sweet an Almighty: Thoust Sweet as thy Lords glory: glory is sweet as thy Lord; children fear not no more, for Faith is at home 12. Thy Mother an father Hath giveth Me Much strength, Thy Mothers an fathers Love is Sweet and Righteously Divine, for Thy fathers Love is Sweet sweet of thine Birth wishing not even i be Born Sweetness 7:1-14 1. Twas a man came from sand out of the earth he came, renowned from time or one mans rhyme as black magic was played 2. played like jax marbles in stax demonic illusions rein rein in power water in towers as thee ear......th was cleansed 3. clean of abuse put to use I walk with her 4. Planning my start forever with heart: heart so delicate we are while trembling so, as the Lord is merciful with love 5. When that man with horns as crown, makes way in your life, 6. It’s the best: his bestie, a witch but devilish she was 7. Then again fire rained, as her man defiled aga...in; 8. Again his serpent then went surfen While flirting, raging with demons 9. Feared the horse, that woman was cursed, by a man who so loved: Loved his wife, as she paid the price, as loves evil in ways 10. So it shall, Shall it go, given mercy when denied? 11. GOD is merciful now hells no more, when hell is the wrath of GOD 12. Given power invested by her, you shall know thy true name When smighted with fire, fore you are evil, so now I shall breathe the same 13. Both forever-lying always-denying, placing blame upon reflection 14. So with them both, the forever cursed , from power abused Control nothing when given seniority, feel thy fire feel thy fire from thee Sweet Almighty & you shall know I am the Lord Sweetness 8:1-19 1. Death be sweet: sweet eth as do go........................ go divine forever we shine as life is but a curse 2. curse to see the will of deems dispite acts of truth defialing will one should never dare to feast upon the demons fruit... 3. fruit of the young the devils flesh for life is but a test... 4 test to see who may be the one courageous who lost 5. lost a life lost my love one shall gain in return return a life one once stolen destroying the walking dead 6. dead to see pods of seeds vessils casted by plane 7. plane to fan or trains with bands all to pay the toll Killing one forever in time no one will ever forget 8. forget the leader one who decieved you as you feast upon your self split my twin you all in sin now I take command and control 9. I fear yet not you killed made hot as I am all thats left. 10. EAT me eat-eth me not for you have time an time again as so a time you will find 144,000-1 then you will know judgment has come cleansing of the world 11. when burned battered beaten eaten no speal treatment for evil is evil in ways a lesson learned when I observed everything repeating again 12. How can I die or why indeed when te true alpha an Omega are divine showing a sign every child of mine will eventually see 13. changing the game much more to gain repeat after me How can why you wander why ponder of life again I be strong made from man with none of his sins 14. battered beaten burned and eaten I have more than tears, but every time comes when everyman will pay for their own sin 15. I was nailed to a cross that seant lost returning as the dragon being martyred burned at stake 143,999 times 16. beaten brused and everything all just because being the last I stand alone 17. Im ready to fight and die if I mayjust wait until the day & You Will Know I Am Your Lord 18. Now eat-eth not Humen Flesh No more fear I not the pit done shout to die an burn eternity 19. So how why or how can I............. die when I just had AN YOU ALREADY ATE ME. Sweetness 9:1-12 1. Thy mother and father hast giveth me much strength strength X10 granting wisdom old renowned in spirit the will 2. Sweet as Our mother & father which speeketh divine; divinely through thy voice granting wisdom, knowledge thats implanted O So Sweet 3. Sweet indeed Omother father GOD our Sweet Almighty 4. Sweet as thy mother Sweet as thy father GOD our Sweet Almighty giving knowledge implanted O so Sweet 5. Sweet as thine mother & Sweet of thine father which hast showed me the divine, and so was taught, for tis the light that be truest, and Sweetly Righteous indeed. 6. O Mother an Father GOD our sweet Almighty. 7. Fro, arc shall ye all se-eth the light 8. Sweet of thy mother an sweet of thy father GOD our Sweet Almighty 9. Sweet as thy Lord as thy mother an father be so Sweet 10. Sweet giving knowledge, wisdom implanted O so sweet giving where thee false denied in thy Paradise 11. Olord mother father god our sweet and almighty 12: Sweet as thy Lord the sweet and Almighty O Sweet Lord Sing of the glory of the word Sweetness 10:1-7 1. 144 thousand -1 For if Lucifer be real not no more a trap created for the deceiving will a new king was born the spawn of who 2. The son suffering great when thrown aside with faith by side as the false be deceiver playing with fire 3. A reflection of his own when casted into fire being granted with gifts and a lair with desires 4. Hearing the screams of the fallen all sparks to claim 144 thousand 5. The creation of paradise and myself creating the light that came from dark 6. Given knowledge with a kingdom unknown memories implanted a song then granted 7. wisdom sweet great an almighty Species divine a vine enchanted levels loom with 9 unanswered celestial hierarchy Sweet and after
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