MESSAGE BY THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA, SHRI PRANAB MUKHERJEE AT THE INAUGURATION OF THE INNOVATION AND INCUBATION CENTRE AT THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Jodhpur, Rajasthan : 10-07-2013 1. I am happy to inaugurate the Innovation and Incubation Centre (IIC) established by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur. I congratulate the Institute for this pioneering initiative aimed at linking the creativity and innovativeness prevalent at the grassroots to the formal education system. This linkage must be strengthened to enable the innovators convert their ideas and innovations into marketable products. I am happy that IIT Jodhpur is working in collaboration with the State Government and has taken up the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Initiative. 13 teams from engineering colleges have been selected through competition for funding and incubation to develop low cost hardware solutions for health monitoring of women and children. I am hopeful of this framework promoting more innovations in social entrepreneurship. 2. IIT Jodhpur has a strong knowledge eco-system, having highly qualified experts in different streams of learning and wide-ranging academic and technological partnerships with foreign universities, and Indian and multinational companies. I am sure IIC will reap this benefit and provide fillip to industrial development and employment generation in this region. It is gratifying to note that this Centre intends to incubate entrepreneurs to develop ancillary products like controllers and emulators for the large number of solar and wind energy installations in Jodhpur and adjoining areas. 3. Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity. The process of innovation converts knowledge into social good and economic wealth. It breeds a culture of deep thought and brings in poise, balance and discernment in behaviour. It encourages the engagement of young talent with the society to improve the quality of life. 4. I once again congratulate IIT Jodhpur and wish IIC the very best in its future endeavours. I call upon the faculty and students of this Institute to search, spread, sense and celebrate innovations in the region. Similar initiatives have come up in several universities and institutes in our country. Let the festival of innovations in our country spread far and wide.
Posted on: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 11:20:47 +0000

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