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Manning Ebola Quarantined Homes and Coping with General Criminality are Crucial Challenges for the SLP Says - AIG Daboh By Hassan Bruz Northern Bureau Chief I know you know it is the constitutional responsibility of the Sierra Leone Police to protect Lives and Properties- a responsibility the Management has always ensured it is done with remarkable professionalism. But it has also become a fact for you to know that Manning the increasing numbers of Ebola Quarantined Homes and at the same time coping with General Criminality are crucial challenges that require the Cooperation of all well meaning Persons. This was the opening remarks of the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of the North Western Region-Mr. F U K Daboh at the very first Press Conference to be held in the District Headquarter Town of Port Loko in decades. The purpose was to provide Media Practitioners with a better understanding of the prevailing situation and to as well enhance the need for Issues of National flavour to be handled with some amount of objectivity. The Assistant Inspector General of Police made a particular reference to the Ebola outbreak and how it has resulted to the declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency and how it would be proper for the Press to know the level of preparedness of the Sierra Leone Police in the fight against this dreadful disease. He explained how the State of Emergency has limited some basic rights and how it could lead to some inconveniences. He said everybody is required to obey and adhere to the provisions of those Bye Laws as it should also be a moral obligation for Media Practitioners to complement the efforts of the Ebola Emergency Operational Centre, the District Health Management Team and the Security Personnel in the fight against the spread of the disease. The Assistant Inspector General of Police is responsible for Lungi, Masiaka, Lunsar Port Loko and the whole of Kambia District. He spoke of the cordial working link he enjoys with the Health Service Givers and other Stakeholders in all the aforementioned Areas. He however explained about some of the key challenges his Personnel are faced with in terms of Denial and Manning the Ebola Quarantined Homes. F U K Daboh said he has okayed by the Inspector General of Police to establish about 10 Ebola Screening Check Points and over 150 Personnel have so far been deployed in nearly 20 Quarantined Homes .These Locations could be found in Kaffu Bullom, Lokomasama, Koya, Lunsar, Mambolo and Port Loko. He said the situation is apparently crucial for the Sierra Leone Police in terms of coping with general criminality. He made a special reference to the number of Youths and other young people who have gone out of gainful employment following the scaling down of the Mining Companies and the 7 to 7 curfew on Commercial Motor Bike Riders. The Press Conference was attended by the Senior District Officer –Mohamed Sheik Kargbo , the Port Loko District Council Chairman- Ahmid Munirr Fofana and some Senior Police Officers including the OSD Regional Coordinator-Chief Superintendent Keatu and the Local Unit Commander at the Masiaka Police Station- Superintendent Gloria who observed that it was a nice and timely venture to help Members of the Press know some of the untiring efforts of the Police. The District Council Chairman spoke of the scaring figures of Ebola related cases in the District and the Country as a whole. He noted that the Treatment Centre in Kenema now has limited capacity to accommodate all the cases that were being referred to it. He went further to explain how the situation has resulted to a number of preventable deaths. Chairman Ahmid Munirr Fofana therefore disclosed plans for the establishment of a Holding Centre at the CAR Centre of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society at Old Port Loko and a Treatment Centre at Gbom Samba along the Lunsar / Makeni Highway. He said the Press should therefore see the need to come on board and join the fight against Ebola. The functions of some of the key structures set up for the fight against Ebola were outlined by the Senior District Officer –Mohamed Sheik Kargbo. He said the Ebola Emergency Operational Centre is responsible for all the Technicalities in the fight, while the District Health Management Team performs an oversight function .He said this is however contrary to what has often been wrongly portrayed by some media houses. He cited the case of a Community Radio which seemed to have singled him out as a target for scathing reports. The Senior District Officer said the role of the Press is so invaluable that it is proper for Practitioners to always make some reasonable efforts in seeking the other side of a story. He opined that Local Authorities are not supposed to intimidate Journalists, just as why Journalists should in turn, not also see it a pleasure to make a caricature of the efforts of dignitaries. On the issue of the establishment of a Treatment Centre at Gbom Samba, he disclosed that the Community has provided a total of 8 Acres of Land and that the Contract has already been awarded. He said the Centre would be ready by next Month and encouraged Members of the Press to be more objective. Below are the photos of the Assistant Inspector General of Police F U K Daboh, the District Council Chairman-Ahmid Munirr Fofana and the Senior District Officer-Mohamed Sheik Kargbo and others in attendance......
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