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My Struggle [ Dec 18, 2013] Its been 6 months since ll of this has started 6 months since me and my faith have totally parted. Feelin lost inside my body and I just cant get a hold. “Your healthiness is fine!”, thats all that Ive been told. Still there are doubts that are eating me up, cause these symptoms and my fear, they just wont stop! This inner struggle just wont let me find my peace... Im at a state of being healthy but still got a disease... My mind has gotten ill and it wont stay still, makes me keep thinkin things all against my will. Cant find my path back to being ok cause suspicion has got a hold on me and is leading the way. All this chaos in my head and the tension inside, thats what slows down the process of winning this fight. But its my fight, Im at war, its my battle and task and theres no magic spell that I could cast to make it stop but I know Im gon reach the top, Imma get a clear view and Imma know what to do Imma be ready to let go and regain the front row of my life, will go back to my wife cause shes my destiny and maybe the next thing Im gon know is that I found back to being me! Written by my daughter Nady ❢ ๓ұ ❣
Posted on: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 12:11:41 +0000

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