NEW COURSE AT PRO LINE FILM ACADEMY:- (ADVANCED COMPOSTING & VFX WITH NUKE). COURSE BREAK DOWN:- MODULES & APPLICATIONS COVERED. SEMISTER 1 NUKE 2D & GENERAL NODES NUKE 3D NODES. MATHEMATICS & MECHANICS FOR VFX. ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS ESSENTIALS. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. EXTENDING NUKE WITH FOUNDRY PRODUCTS. SPECIAL EFFECTS, CAMERA & LIGHTING ESSENTIALS. SEMISTER 2 NUKE STEREO & GENERAL COMPOSITING TECHNIQUES. NUKE 3D PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES. EXTENDING NUKE WITH OTHER APPLICATIONS. AUTODESK MAYA ESSENTIALS. PYTHON PROGRAMMING IN NUKE. ADOBE PREMIER PRO ESSENTIALS. ADOBE AUDITION ESSENTIALS STANDALONES THE FOUNDRY NUKE THE FOUNDRY HIERO ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS ADOBE PREMIER PRO ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ADOBE AUDITION AUTODESK MAYA MOCHA PRO PLUGINS EXTERNAL TO NUKEX THE FOUNDRY FURNACE THE FOUNDRY ROLLING SHUTTER THE FOUNDRY OCULA THE FOUNDRY CAMERA TRACKER THE FOUNDRY KRONOS PERIGUIN’S BOKEH GENARTS SAPHIRE GENARTS MONSTERS ATOM KRAFT** TRAPCODE PARTICULAR DEPTH ARTIST VIDEOCOPILOT FLARE ESCHER* SONY RENDERMAN* *Coming soon **Anticipated integration of SOLIDANGLE ARNOLD via ATOM KRAFT. Modules have been designed with the most robust technologies in the industry. What you learn is directly applicable in the work field without insignificant trash. You are equipped the ultimate skills for the job, from problem-solving skills, understanding scientific methods to intellectual design skills. The program covers you entirely. From precompositing (special effects, live footage capture, lighting and CG from MAYA ), through compositing & VFX with other persons (viz. AFTER EFFECTS artists, MOCHA matchmovers, sound engineers with AUDITION, PHOTOSHOP mate painters, etc.) to further postproduction (viz. NLE in PREMIER PRO, VFX editing and management in HIERO, etc. ). You also learn many computing skills including Python programming. - prolinefilmacademy/aboutus.html
Posted on: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 18:25:22 +0000

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