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News about AXEL RUDI PELL & FRIENDS BYH!!! special show ------------------------------------------------------------------------ As you may already know, therell be a very extraordinary show on this years BANG YOLUR HEAD!!! Friday by AXEL RUDI PELL. Today, Axel is ready to give you details about the set and the guests he has invited to join him. Actually, he even managed to gather all living vocalists of the legendary RAINBOW to come to Balingen! Were pretty sure, Ronnie will be there to watch.. And now Mr. Pell: This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my solo career, my first solo album “Wild Obsession” came out in 1989. Therefore, we will play a very special and unique Show at the “Bang Your Head!!!” Festival in Balingen, Germany, on July 11th to celebrate this and we will headline the festival on that day! This will be no regular show by far! Of course we will play a lot of songs with the recent ARP line-up featuring Johnny Gioeli, Bobby Rondinelli, Ferdy Doernberg, Volker Krawczak and myself, but this will only be 1/3 of the complete show approx... As this year also sees the 30th Recording Anniversary of my former band STEELER (the first record was released in 1984), we will reunite in the original line ups (Peter Burtz, Tom Eder, Jan Yildiral and both Bassplayers Roland Hag and Volker Krawczak) to perform a couple of songs for you. The reunion will only happen on that day and it will be an exclusive one-off! Further we will have a few ARP vintage members there and we’re proud to announce that both Vocalists Rob Rock and Jeff Scott Soto among original Drummer Joerg Michael wille nter the stage too to play a few older ARP tracks ! As this ain’t enough … Lol…, I invited some other musical guests and friends to play a few cover tracks together and I’m really proud to announce the following guests in no particular order: Graham Bonnet (ex- Rainbow, -MSG, -Alcatrazz), Joe Lynn Turner (ex- Rainbow, -Deep Purple, -Yngwie Malmsteen) Doogie White (ex- Rainbow, -Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock) John Lawton (ex- Uriah Heep, -Lucifers Friend) Tony Carey (ex- Rainbow) Vinny Appice (ex- Black Sabbath, -Heaven & Hell, -DIO) Be there at this very very special show, which will be a lifetime event and will last for more than 3 hours. Have fun ! Cheers, Axel
Posted on: Fri, 16 May 2014 05:44:22 +0000

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