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Not only is Dan Sullivan trying to close a majority of subsistence openings but hes done horrible stuff like this when he was Alaskas attorney general.. Did he educate himself on Alaska, Alaska values, lifestyle and etc. before moving here? Doesnt he know anything about ICWA laws, tribal adoptions and tribal sovereignty? Does he know what its like to live in a rural village? Has he visited rural villages to speak to the people about the importance of our subsistence lifestyle? Some of us live and breath it, especially in those communities with little or no employment. I dont about you guys, but our people got by just fine and did just well off our land for many years without having to be monitored, limited and having to report our amount every year.. As a tribal member, a mother and as a tribal ICWA worker, I am disgusted with this article and what he has done or tried to do to our native people. As a long life Alaskan resident, an Alaskan Native, and a rural villager, I am disgusted with his goals and plans for OUR subsistence lifestyle. Not to mention The Parnell administration’s lawsuit against an Athabascan elder, Katie John who passed away in 97 and did not live to see the conclusion of the most recent appeal. Lets not put Alaska in the hands of these kinds of people. Get out and VOTE, put our people and our beautiful state in the hands of good people.. people who care and respect our values.. If you have a moment please read this article.. thebristolbaytimes/article/1444sullivans_interference_in_adoption
Posted on: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 18:18:38 +0000

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