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OCCUPY CENTRAL : THE OTHER SIDE Sometimes RULERS have to be villains in implementing certain decision in the long term interest of countries. And while performing such duties they take certain decisions ,which are UNDEMOCRATIC . which are against fundamental rights of people. Beijing ‘s offer of allowing eligible people to vote directly for their own CEO , BUT FROM BUNCH OF PRE CHOSEN CANDIDATES is such a case. Its inviting universal suffrage. And this is exactly which not went through neck of a student leader. Mr JOSHUA WONG. Since 2012 I am following this BOY when he was just 15 years old . At that time he came in confrontation with BEIJING AND HK GOVT on introduction of syllabus of schools, which he thought were brainwashing students by Beijing. According to him if syllabus if get introduced , then students will be taught in schools to accept BEIJING as their masters. At that time he went for protest at same venue, forcing CY LEUNG to meet young boy personally . And this guy JOSUA WONG created stir when he refuse to shake hand with country’s CEO. And stick to his demands of taking syllabus back before jam packed media. From that moment it was clear this guy has rebellious DNA. And now again on universal suffrage he is directly in confrontation with his same foes . With him I see Hong kong ‘s bright democratic future. By 2017 he will be more mature in his thinking and more resolved with his democratic principles and will take along with him his generation next, in bright dynamic future. After all rebels always make their own way.
Posted on: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 05:48:50 +0000

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