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OK Folks, I have been sharing posts but not really commented on Jean-Maries bid for KY Ag Commissioner but I am now. I have attended two events for Jean-Marie Lawson-Span and have followed her on facebook and in the local news. I have a couple (few) of things to say. First, I am so very proud of Jean-Marie, (even though she now has two hyphens in her name and it is hard as heck for me to remember to put them where they belong), she is going to be right where she belongs when she is elected as our next Commissioner of Agriculture. Second, when a Lawson makes up their mind to do something, we are going to get the job done no matter how long it takes or how much hard work and endurance is needed. This gal has the energy and know how to get this state World recognized in agriculture. She has already proven that in her statewide tour to announce her campaign. Third, my personal opinion is that Jean-Maries National contacts, world contacts and her good old fashion charm is going to catapult Ag relations for Kentucky to a National platform that will further expand the opportunities for farmers from all areas of this great commonwealth. Fourth, Jean-Marie has good christian values with a work ethic that wont quit. Jean-Marie is a proven leader from her days at WKU to her work in the Young Democrats of America and her latest endeavors. Lastly, yes, we are related but anyone who really knows me will concur that if I believe in someone, I support them and I BELIEVE IN JEAN-MARIE FOR KY AG. Please follow Jean-Marie for KY Ag and support her in her race for Kentucky Commissioner for Agriculture. I truly believe in her ability to do the job and help Kentucky Ag continue to grow. Commissioner Comer has done a wonderful job and I trust Jean-Marie to use her skills to expand his visions and put her own to work. Thank you for reading and being patient with my views tonight.
Posted on: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 03:00:02 +0000

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