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Oh man this momma has been busy!! Trying to stuff a months worth of projects into one weekend, is to say the least exhausting! But I did do what I wanted to most. I made Owen his own sensory calm down corner in his closet! It has blankets and pillows, and I found little push lights that are softer light that he can turn on by himself, they do not require electricity and do not get hot (which was exactly what I was looking for) one of them is a soft purple light that projects stars and the moon (very calming I thought) and I also found some lavender packets (put out of his reach of course) my thought is that all these things combined might help him when he is having a bad day or a sensory moment! Mommy also made Owen a picture schedule so MR O can see exactly what hes gonna do next, and sometimes pick out what he wants to do! My hopes is that this will help him transition better, and not have so many meltdowns! And mommy made MR O two glitter calm down jars! They are supposed to help distract him from his frustration and help him calm down! Mommy made a regular sized one and a travel one to put in the diaper bag! Mommy is also going to look into making him some other types of jars, such as I spy jars that have sand and little objects that he has to tilt the jar to find. And another type of calm down jar made with beads and corn syrup, instead of glitter and water! Mommy also got rid of some of MR Os clothes (but not nearly as much as she wanted to)! I will probably be up late trying to finish other little things I need to do! But MR O. Should be home by noon tomorrow!!! Mommy is so excited I miss him so much! I will post pictures of the three projects I did today so you guys can see what I am talking about! Well that is all I have for tonight! Good night friends stay safe and warm please! Schools have already closed around us because of the cold! This crazy whether school has been canceled 3 times in two weeks because of the cold!!! Well much love mommy and MR O!!
Posted on: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 03:09:10 +0000

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