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Ok Lampies and other lighting bods, been on about this for a few weeks and have finally boxed up a couple of my gizmos these are WIRELESS artnet/dmx boxes, each box has its own wireless access point/client so they create their own wireless network at your gig/venue, the first box will claim univ 1 and any artnet capable program/desk can send dmx wirelessly simply by connecting to the boxs access point, when you power up a second box it will scan what universes are being used and take the next available one AUTOMATICALLY! no logging in to web control panels, no setting dip switches you just turn up, drop one of these on the stage (or up to 128 of them giving you 128 * 512 dmx channels thats 65,356 channels), Ive tested them with Chamsys, freestyler, and my own home written DMX controller, they will work with any controller that support artnet, am easily reaching refresh rates of 40hz, They can also be used to drive LED strip too and can drive over 2048 pixels per box Price: obviously the boxes need some tidying as Im not happy with the LCD aperture (rough edges) but functionally as far as I know theres nothing like this out there that contains its own wireless network and automatically set itself up and is self healing too, I was thinking around the £200 mark, Im also doing non wireless ones (just a lan port/dmx port and power socket) and no lcd but still has the same auto setup functions but am thinking £150 for those
Posted on: Sun, 03 Aug 2014 14:02:12 +0000

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