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People are really hard to please. When I stay quite and say nothing, theyre thinking that Im snobbish and Im up to something. When Im noisy and keep on talking, they are being annoyed and judging me as brag and over confident irritating animal. I dont know where to put myself sometimes. Get to know me first before you say something about me. Better yet, ask. Just to give you an idea, Im a very opinionated person and I speak what my conscience and hearts desire. I will respect your views if you respect mine. I will not spoon your mouth with what I believe because I know people has different understanding with things. Im not an intelligent person neither smart, but life lessons taught me to be wiser. I know how to say sorry and I expect one in return from people who did me wrong. Just dont impose things that is not just and fair or I will retaliate. In short, Im an ordinary human being with flaws of course. But willing to change and correct my mistakes. I fear God, a simple happy soul. But most of all, Im a sweet loving individual. I am me, not perfect but worth it. ^.^
Posted on: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 01:38:42 +0000

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