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Prototype of upcoming Bone Plant Hangers (Cat Bone). This one needs slight adjusting, but the end result is amazing. More images forthcoming along with a few to purchase. Different sizes and styles will be available. During all of the aspects of our work, the living spirit of each and every animal is specifically honored and released prior to the cleansing and consecration of the materia bestialis so as to allow the blessings of the patron familial spirit to be bestowed upon our hands and guided through a perfect union, creating truly significant artifacts that can be utilized by diverse practitioners of the Arte Magical. All bones and artisan jewelry, fetishes, curios, tinctures and other herbal implements are legal products from natural and sustainable practices. No animals were killed to make any of our products as they are sourced from naturally deceased creatures and the inedible remains of livestock from small organic farming with responsible, humane slaughter for individual family consumption. All Images, Artwork, and Text Copyright © Wicked Wildcrafts. All Rights Reserved. Visit us at: WickedWildcrafts
Posted on: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 02:18:44 +0000

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