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Read this account from someone on Progressive Zionism with Memri TV as confirmation. Thought it might be interesting: R. Gabriel-yes, Hebron was our Town and we owned farms in that area for always. We have always shared with others. But I have butchered Family that cannot speak for themselves, so I shall. But there were others that refused to share. In fact, as short a time as 3 years ago, this was made: And if I moved back there, guess what? I would be referred to as a Settler. I, whose Family was Ancient in the area when the Arabs invaded would be called a Settler on my own Familys ancient Landholdings.....dont you find this a bit strange???? Now many things happened in those years of the Mandate, but the issues surrounding land ownership, being what it is, and the violations of International Laws that occurred perpetrated by the Arab Palestinians, and then the Jordanians? No, the Land may be shared, it may not be given away, and the fact that any land and autonomy the Arab Palestinians have, comes from Israeli hands. As their own Leadership has denied them borders and a State of their own many times, and the Arab Countries surrounding Israel has denied them dignity. A clarity and certainty must be part of every Zionists perspective of the reality, no matter how far removed Israels Arab Neighbors are from the objective facts.
Posted on: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 07:30:50 +0000

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