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#RealeaseOduduUkpanah: Gov. Akpabio calls his dog out to defend him. By the grace of God, I humbly chose those whom I respond to except sincere critics, loving fans and friends whom I have no choice but to respond to their questions and inquiries in order to pass the record straight. My busy schedule gives me no time to reply idle chatters and human of no consequential value to human existence. I chose to respond to this because my attention was drawn to it and matters have to be set straight. One brainwashed Homo Erectus called Diana-Abasi Ibanga a feminine name but male penned an idiotic post titled Why i am not involved in #ReleaseOduduUkpanah campaign, and goes on to glorify himself as naturally being the one to lead the campaign were he in support of it. I just want to believe he typed it in error else he wont spew such from his mouth. Call it being arrogant, but I dont see the possibility of a guy like him leading a campaign which Im involved or spearheading a protest that I am part of. I have searched through the internet to look for his name yet; and a person without recognition wants to lead Fejiro Oliver. The Akpabio dog goes on to say I am a self styled INVESTIGATIVE journalist. That I can forgive him since he doesnt know what he just said. This is the same Akpabio Alsatian dog that has read many of my investigative reports, mostly back up with documents and pictures. This is the same internet civil defense recruit who reads news exclusively broken by me and in his bid to please his master speaks thrash. Where was he when Inibehe Effiong led the campaign to release the UNIUYO 44? Where was he when Inibehe began the campaign to free me from my abductors which generated interest in the world, with the two foremost union protecting Journalists in the world getting involved? Oh, where was he when I generated the murder report by SSS that led to activists calling for #FreeCiaxon and he was eventually freed?Pray where was he when the #ReleaseOduduUkpanah is now trending on twitter and Facebook? I feel his pain that he was not consulted before this world wide attention seeking movement began, but you see; in activism, we dont consult but jump into a just cause. Men like him are not needed in any struggle over the world. He should be thankful that people like Inibehe Effiong exist in Akwa Ibom, a State where men like him have been turned to slave by a repressive governor. He should be proud of men like us who leave our states to his own just to protest the release of an innocent citizen. I make bold to say that Akpabio should be the one standing in the dock for giving Albert Ukpanah money and the man was killed, not Odudu. I make bold to say that Akpabio should be facing murder charges for lying to the world that Odudu broke his fathers door and never showed up until after four days. Yes, Akpabio has a case to answer in this and if his dog feels offended, he should approach the court of law to seek redress. Notable activists have keyed into the campaign already and no amount of blackmail by Diana and fellow slave minded peeps can change the tide. Bring it on, for I am ready for a million attack from your governor, you and your goons. The song remains, #ReleaseOduduUkpana NOW In the first place, who let this dog out?
Posted on: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 20:08:26 +0000

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