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Roger Goodell has to be either a genius or one of the worst CEO in sports history. I am bending towards the latter. Besides being a highly paid bully & enforcer, he now has the NFL (Never Follow Logic) back peddling like a rookie cornerback getting burned by Megatron. Now its the FBIs (Federal Bullies of Individuals) turn to tell us the oblivious and provide more unnecessary rhetoric to a very bad and disappointing situation. I read all about her supposedly spitting in his face and how she shouldnt have done that and how Ray had the right to defend himself from her salvia. OMG, salvia; they pass salvia all the time. This was not some crazy fan off the street who spit on him, it was his future wife. I could understand and perhaps accept his behavior if this was a stranger and he instinctively reacted but this was no stranger. Any man who stands in front of me and tells me they would knock out their girlfriend, fiancé or wife over an argument and some spit is a coward. I read where someone said she should have know better than to mess with a physically gifted NFL athlete. Folks she wasnt arguing with an gifted NFL athlete she was arguing with the man she loved, Ray Rice. I dont understand how anyone cant see how wrong he was regardless if she did get out of pocket. Since I dont understand it I cant and wont accept it and the punishment justifies his behavior. Good behavior is rewarded while negative behavior has consequences and repercussions. He must answer for his profound lack of discipline and judgement. If it wasnt for the eye in the sky who knows where the next blow might have landed and where she would fall. I guess Ray didnt see Oceans 12; someone is always watching in hotels!
Posted on: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:05:04 +0000

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