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Step up to the plate Somebody please help me out because Im beginning to talk to and question myself about what its really about President Obama that gets everybody all torn apart and turned up. You say that he cant do the job because the Republicans wont let him, but then you say how much better it is now that he has been in [email protected] how the numbers and facts dont lie... I just dont understand how people get so upset if someone says anything that they dont like, agree with or understand about President Obama. What did you expect the kind of treatment he would get? Youre more concerned about how he being treated then how you/we all being treated, and been being treated long before Obama was ever heard of... Could someone please tell me what all the President has done as being the President for all people and not just Black people, like he has made clear, and what he also made very clear in his recent speech that whats most important facing America today is global warming. and not Poverty, Unemployment, homelessness, mass incarceration, hunger etc., I dont know what else yawl watch, read and see but his fellow Democrats are pressing, bailing out and disagreeing with him too. Do you really believe that its only Democrats when their in office, that makes things better for everyone/economy, or just who? Youre no better than anyone else that dislikes someone or something because they dont agree with and see things as you do. make it plain to me because I dont understand why people get so defensive but cant make it plain and clear on just how great the President is and what he has done to make it so. Right on Brother Man. Black Power. Brother made it to the white house. Is that what you so happy about? I believe he is just as much of the problems weve had, having, and much more to come, but I still love him and happy that he made it. I voted for him because he wanted to be there in that Hell Fire. Now what? help me out. Can we get more concerned and do something about our children out here killing each other taking over neighborhoods, frighting the elders, mothers and the babies...instead of getting mad at someone for talking against Obama, and trying to defend him; I challenge you to defend yourself and your very own neighborhood!
Posted on: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 04:28:28 +0000

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