THE DAY THE WHOLE WORLD IS CELEBRATING HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, INCLUDING SIERRA LEONE, THE SECTION CHIEF OF KONTA WALA, LOKOMASAMA CHIEFDOM. NORTHERN PROVINCE OF SIERRA LEONE MASTERMINDED THE ARREST AND DETENTION OF FIVE HANDPICKED YOUNG MEN OF A RIVALRY RULING FAMILYYESTERDAY! THE 5 HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO PORT LOKO TO SERVE A WHOLE MONTH DETENTION FOR REASONS BEST KNOWN TO THE LUNGI POLICE AND THE COMPLAINANT; SECTION CHIEF! As we are all striving to move the country forward, it is a coincidence to bring to the attention of the concerned authorities of Lokomasama and the Ministry of Justice, on some of the pains most of our people undergo away from the law, because of the influence of certain individuals trying to seize the right of poor helpless villagers, to subdue them to submission!. Almost 12 days ago, 5 young men from Konta Wala, Lokomasama Chiefdom were invited to the Lungi Police Station. They were reported by the current Section Chief of Konta Wala bypassing the local authority of the Paramount Chief of Lokomasama. When the 5 men appeared at the Police Station, they were briefly interrogated and hastily dumped to cell! While securing a bail, the sum of LE250,000 was compelled to be paid to the Lungi Police Officers without any receipt! The money was paid and the 5 men were granted bail. Thursday 10th December, the 5 young men were again invited and taken to cell at the Lungi Police Station! Yesterday morning, 11th December, they were relocated and are now said to be detained in Port Loko cell for the next 30 days! I would like to report to all concerned individuals and groups, to help establishing the legitimacy of ordering the detention of the 5 young men. Knowing today that even if the 5 had committed treason or murder, the law stipulated a certain period of detention without bail! The Section Chief of Konta Wala, the Counselor of Konta Wala, the Paramount Chief of Lokomasama, the Parliamentarian of Lokomasama should be aware of the fact that the 5 detained young men have committed no state crime that warranted extortion of lump sum amount and frequent detention for indefinite period. We demand justice in the first place. As citizens of the land, we cannot allow anyone, whatsoever, to trample on the right of our poor innocent villagers in order to subject them to submission. One salient point to make here is, ..... the current Section Chief of Konta Wala, who purposefully whisked the 5 young men to the Lungi Police instead of Lokomasama, are cousins of the same ancestral family background. One day the truth will come out when the people of Konta Wala will know why sending the 5 men to detention at this time of the Ebola Virus Disease! We, the family members of the detained 5 persons will hold responsible all those that conspired to confine our brothers at this dangerous time of our country if anything goes wrong with their youthful lives!.
Posted on: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:19:49 +0000

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