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Thanks Hari Haran for tagging me with this book challenge - it was a great nostalgic trip. I admit, I was pre-emptively formulating this list for a few days already. The goal of the challenge, for the uninitiated, is to identify 10 books youve read that have stayed with you (or influenced you greatly). For me, this list is going to be mostly fiction, not necessarily literature. The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse If theres a fictional world I would wish myself into permanently, this would be it. The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster Paul Auster is frankly my favourite author for the last decade. His surreal ambience and word-smithing abilities have me enthralled. Lint by Steve Aylett Chaotic absurdism, in the form of a mock-biography. If you liked Banksys Exit Through the Gift Shop, you might like this. Cryptonomicion by Neal Stephenson Speculative fiction at its finest. Times Arrow by Martin Amis I like to think of this as Memento-like narrative, except in text form. Axiomatic by Greg Egan A collection of sic-fi short stories around the notion of identity. Gods Debris by Scott Adams An invitation to never think of God in the same way again. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman A modern day mythology. The Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Anything by Alan Moore is always a treat, but this one is a class of its own: a philosophical deconstruction of superheroes. Consider the Lobster and other essays by David Foster Wallace In this anthology, DFW takes on professional assignments, exposes fundamental dilemmas but ultimately soothes the flustered reader with sage commentary. I nominate Rishabh Kapoor, Dhruva Ghosh, Stephan Hooft, Klaas Pieter Van Der Tempel, Leroy Oostenbrink, Hanif Kamis, Min Ong, Heron Stone, Mithila Seshadrikumar, Lihong Chew, Adrianna Tan, Ingrid Klein, Vanessa Jx, Hugo Alves, Karin Joanknecht, Sayanee Basu, Anchit Malhotra, Dragos Serghie, Alexandra Ivan, Ash Le Magnificent, Herbert Eng, Purbasha Mazumdar.
Posted on: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:29:27 +0000

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