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#TheTurnUpSession Thursday Mornings @ 8:15 on KCLAFM.COM to listen worldwide XM Satellite Radio 99.3FM in Los Angeles Mr.Manzo and DJ Freddy Lokz Nothing but the best blend of all kinds of music of all time!! Give us a like to support the movement facebook/tmctruemusic And follow us on Twitter: twitter/tmcxtruemusic twitter/djfreddylokz twitter/tmcxmrmanzo soundcloud/tmcxtruemusic soundcloud/deejayfreddylox reverbnation/tmcxtruemusic Shout out to Voluntary Simplicity!! Subscribe to their page for more awesome videos: https://youtube/channel/UC8Do_VDUpKk1YeFgNibnGig/videos TrrruuueeeMuuusssiiiC!!!
Posted on: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 22:36:02 +0000

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