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Thoughts for Today Puzzle manufacturers design the puzzle pieces to fit together into a perfect whole. If every piece had the same shape, they would never fit together to form the picture. And so God does with the body of Christ. Each piece has a specific purpose and place to serve. Each one has the gifts and abilities to do what God has designed him or her to do. But sometimes various puzzle pieces are missing because another one has decided to take over their spots. Some individuals want to do everything themselves and dont give others an opportunity to use their gifts. The reasons vary. Its just easier to do everything myself than to wait on others. If I do it, I know it will be done right. Sometimes its a matter of wanting to be in control. Or wanting to impress others. Consider this ... When we try to take over, we are depriving others of the opportunity to serve. Gods plan calls for everyone to fill a particular role. When we interfere with that plan by trying to do it all ourselves, the body is not functioning as a body. It would be like the eyes saying they dont need the hands. Or the head saying it doesnt need the feet. If you are a take charge person who tends to take over, consider your actions. You are just one part of the body. When you do the part God designed you to do, you are contributing to the whole. When you try to do more, you are tampering with Gods perfect design.
Posted on: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 05:25:29 +0000

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