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Ticket Availability Update! Jan 21 2014 Please Share!♥ ** All presale tickets have now sold out including in shops.** If you want to guarantee attendance you will need to source a ticket from those selling them on social media or check auction sites like EBay but please be aware of ticket fraud and only buy if you are confident the seller is legitimate. If you’re considering buying PDF tickets (something we don’t recommend), please read this first. greentix.desk/customer/portal/articles/977735-purchasing-pdf-tickets-from-other-websites- Since this is the first year we have experienced such high ticket sales we have decided to leave a limited allocation of tickets on the gate in the hope we don’t need to turn people away. We don’t know how long these tickets will last, so from around 4pm on Thursday after gates open we will regularly provide updates to our Facebook page and Twitter Account. DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A TICKET BEFORE CHECKING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR AVAILABILITY OF GATE SALES! rainbowserpent.net/
Posted on: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 05:04:51 +0000

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