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Tried to enter the London Marathon for next year as an overseas entry. Website says a list of tour operators will be published...but it never is. So I called them and they gave me the tour companys telephone number. The tour company said contact your local agent in Malaysia and then put the phone down without telling me who the agent was. I called back and they then said no we dont do entries from overseas just accommodation and Ive been misinformed and should call Virgin London Marathon people again. So I did and they said Ive been misinformed and that I need to call the tour operator again. Whahahahahahahahahahaha what a shambles...I will enter the ballot again next year although Ive done that at least 5 times and never got in. I got in once through the Deal tri club ballot but those wankers scrubbed my entry because my membership subscription was late (not that they ever reminded me or took into account that I live in Malaysia). Needless to say they instantly lost me as a member. I know Im destined to do it and when I do itll be very special Im sure. (No I dont want a charity place, very good way of doing it I agree but it will be the ballot or nothing the first time...or good for age but then Ill have to hurt myself haha)
Posted on: Tue, 01 Jul 2014 11:30:01 +0000

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