Video 3 PROTEST AGAINST ME BY ANIMAL ACTIVISTS UNITED ! ------------------------ ( simply adored their initiative . Hats off !) A bunch of animal activists under the banner of animal activists united held a protest in front of HUM - ( human ultimate missions ) . Dominated by ten girls and women and two guys ,They held very creative banners with graphics of a pig chasing me with a bow and arrow , a pig sculpting me , a pig punching me in a karate uniform ,a pig tying me up and holding a knife in front of me , blood pouring out of my heart into a container , and finally a pig painting my portrait . Very creative work . My appreciations to the artist who did the art work . well done ! . A large banner had a series of art works with the title Hey shihan hussaini , dont kill pigs ! - protest by Animal activists United ! . There were smaller banners with Killing an animal is no bravery ! Animals have a right to live ! This planet belongs to animals too ! They vocally shouted slogans kaithu Sei kaithu Sei , hussaini yei kaithu Sei ! kollathae kollathae ...pranigalai kollathae ! Shame shame hussaini ! Down down hussaini ! . An Aunty who feeds lots of dogs in Besant nagar area , led the protest and spoke to a few cameras under what section action must be taken against me . Since the police did not grant permission to protest in front of my Hum , they stood near the park and shouted slogans for an hour . Then with police permission , they walked past my building slogans and then dispersed . ---------- The protest was completely misplaced . 1) I never killed any pig . 2) I bought pigs blood from an abattoir in banglore where hundreds of pigs are killed everyday for the pork people eat . 3) if activists are protesting against me for using blood from one such pig killed , Then what are they going to Abt the people who ate the pigs flesh and every other part of this and the 120 pigs killed that day . 4) how about protesting against the hundreds of hotels in chennai serving PORK . How about protesting in front of KFC in Besant nagar which kills thousands of chicken everyday . I can identify one among these activist who frequents KFC in Besant nagar and relishes chicken . 5) will u close all restaurants serving animal and bird meat in chennai ? 6) Or is it ok for you to allow people to eat animals but not use their blood for a painting ? ------------------- Where did these women activists disappear when another woman , OUR HON CM ( who is the greatest lover of animals , who organises annual camps for elephants ) was disgustingly insinuated by RAJAPAKSHE ?
Posted on: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 08:26:53 +0000

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