WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2014. AUCHI POLY LIVE NEWS: Great Gbogbo, Great Gbagba, Great Polytes. GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL... DAILY NEWS HEADLINES: #Ebola_Virus_in_Tertiary_SCH #SPAT_exam_Loading #Regular_Exam_9days_count_down! #HND_Form_still_on_Sale DAILY WORLD NEWS: Ebola survivors lost Job and accomodation for Lagos. OAU babe suspectd way get Ebola don enta Lagos for check up. Obasanjos Son say him stil day enta battlefield no mata d shotin way Boko haram shoot am. DAILY SCHOOL NEWS: E no easy to be called a Nigerian Student, Regular Exam go soon finish... Report way day reach us say the deadline for HND form purchasement, dem go Extend am for dose way no meet up we are yet to confam d actual date. Rumours spread pass Fire, dose way say some people go church go day give Testimony say Auchi Poly don give dem ADMISSION, dem get Faith and na Because day see deir name Tru JAMB website. Auchi Poly Admission list, neva come out, if you Score high for your CBT, mak u get hope say Admission go sure for you. *Depends Change of course form Management day plan to approve am, afta HND exam. To all the Spartacus in the house, SPAT exam na 29th of diz month, hope say una day prepare for it. SPAT Form for ND/HND for day on sale as from endn of November go reach next year, price as of last yr, na N12,500. JAMB FORM for 2015/16 go start to dey on sale as from next week go reach next year. This Ebola Virus don day enta Higher Institution, mak una day careful, to Places way una day travel day go. Ebola Case no be here ooo, GT Bank For Auchi, all their Staffs carry glovez put for hand, befor u enta the bank e get waytn dem go take access ur head incase u get Ebola virus... Meanin ur Body must day read 336cdegree b4 day alow u in. Abeg if you suspect say any students for your class or lodge day misbehave, abeg mak u sharply notify the general public. Ebola Virus no get cure, wash your hand afta and befor.................................. To all Nd2 N Hnd2 Regular Graduands way day graduate diz year, abeg mak una try for una exam, to avoid Carry Over(CO) also mak una put diz one for mind, if you graduate with Pass(2.49-2.00 GP) u go stay for house for good 2years bfor u fit cum for ur HND. The Newly Elected SUG Body 9ice n Co, hope say una day plan how Auchi Poly go beta, and mak una no forget d promizez way una mak... we all day behind una. Mak una Regime b d best ever recorded in Auchi. We need more Studentz to work with us, if u day interested inbox me. SOCRATE From Applied Science is wishing all the Nigerian student(regular)succ­ess in their ongoing exam*DisTinction Awaits u all IJN, Great Polytes inside EBOLA VIRUS N HIV/AIDS which one worst pass?? Mak una ansa DAILY COMMENTARY: if you get anytn to ADD like News, Info, Events mak inbox am. DAILY NEWS CIRCULATION: our daily News they reach 300,000 Students/Aspirants for Auchi Poly and beyond. CONCLUSION: This na the news way we get to give you for today. NA ME UNA POLY PIKIN #Wap_Junior D ONLY PIKIN WAY GET GOLDEN FINGER DAY GIVE UNA DIZ GBASKI NEWS. UNA BYE BYE!
Posted on: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 06:58:34 +0000

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