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Whew 7 pm and i finally get to SIT DOWN!! well not really have supper on the go now!! lol.. told the boys all you are getting is fake fries and chickens fingers cause i can just shove it in the oven and flip once LOL On the go for HOURS now.. got three little foster puppies right after work.. so no time to prepare a space for them... or get supplies.. but the three of them had a bath and a quick look.. ears teeth and fur seem healthy.. lots ofbug bites though.. they were kept in an outside pen.. so.. heres to trying to potty train three at once!!! they are mottled colour like SKITTLES they may be his nieces!! or something!.. two has his look.. when he was first brought home he lay on his belly and gave me the whale eye!! The two mottledish ones did that.. the third is a bouncy playfull thing right from the start!! she was all over me LOL.. built a make shift pen area in the basement.. will be easy to clean the floor cause they are gonna have accidents.. being not allowed indoors before and its cool.. they wont have to stay in the heat.. or with bugs.. working on the yard this weekend and gonna make a makeshift pen.. away from the boys area.. so i can put them outside and do things.. like clean and make food LOL.. whew!!! so for the next week SOLID gonna be busy trying to get things prepared and made for them.. and get them on a routine.. Man am i gonna lose wieght hauling them up and down those stairs every day like 20 times a day! loll! THREE of them. at about 10 punds each.. maybe a little over ten pounds they look to be about 2 months old.. i can either make three trips.. by then my legs are wobbly.. or haul two and one.. then my arms are wobbly.. oh well.. puppy workout for me!! again... makes me nastalgic too.. In august.. my baby boy Skittles will be TWO and i did this for him.. hauling him around.. and those two that look like him.. without the eyes of course they have brown eyes.. they look like my boy AWWWWW pictures later.. we were outside playing for a good forty minutes.. well they were playing i was hauling things around and planning how i am gonna get that yard cleaned up.. and where ia m gonna put the pen and such.. but they are knackered downstiars in thier pen sleeping.. no force on this earth is gonna make me go get pictures!!! the all black one can SCREAM!!!! lol
Posted on: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 23:11:26 +0000

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