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…add me… thank you SADY. Part 10 of 12 Everything seemed quiet. But Sinea suddenly stood up, and her tugging up Sady and Pjtos, then Sinea remarked to stay close to her and not all move for anything in the world; that she would have solved everything. Sady and Pjtos obeyed and after having exchanged a furtive glance, they set next to the living doll warily. Sady was really curious to know what Sinea had in mind. And his curiosity was soon satisfied. Sinea turned her eyes towards all the giant toys, and with a look that exuded a strange phosphorescent light, she fixed them all... one by one. Silence... Cric... a little noise... tek... Sady turned to his right and spotted a huge wooden soldier raise his arm. And then two, three, four... and so all the toys began to move, and to come to life. Sady now comprised the ingenious plan of his friend. In essence, since Sinea was able to bring to life the toys... had them build huge on purpose, with the intent to make an explosive and intense battle against the treacherous plants of the Valkyrie. In fact many plants, in experiencing that strange noise, suddenly spewed from their park, and with great surprise... they saw an army of toys that they themselves had created, advancing with strength and determination towards them. The extraordinary conflict began. The tremendous skittles jumping here and there, trying to avoid the blows of some thorny shoots, and then with another leap there fell on him. At that precise moment the huge dolls, with their giant hands, tugging some plants to eradicate them. The tops were trying to pirouette quickly, while with their sharp blades... cut down some powerful suckers who approached at Sady. Meanwhile, the riders on the backs of their fine steeds, began to unsheathe their swords and hit the many carnivorous flowers, and some sticky climbing too fierce. At the same time the mighty turning, twirling very fast, trying to divert the sneezing pollen, which was released by fuchsia few gems. Finally, the ferocious animals of wood, with speed and jumps ever seen, ripped some plants, which with their spines tried in every way to hit Sady and Sinea. But to tell the truth some plants full of thorns, were deft at avoiding toys and hurled with fury against Sady, through their sharp spines. At that point Sinea fearlessly stepped before Sady, and with her doll body… took on herself the tormenting stings. The small dwarf python to be useful, occasionally gave some energetic bites at some plants, protruding from the floor trying to grab Sady. Needless to say, that all the fuss was also widespread in the tallest tower, where was Regeljan, the Queen of the Valkyries. Regeljan at that time was contemplating some types of tropical fish, in hers huge lake surrounded by multicolored flowers and hummingbirds. Earlier that strange buzz, it seemed only a strong wind that awkwardly, had crossed some hollow place. But then she put on the alert, when she heard the hum of a voice... a baby screaming voice. Without thinking twice Regeljan walked into the assembly hall, to examine the five timelich ampoules, which were nothing more than five spherical globes of light and fine crystal, where you could see within five essences that corresponded to the five Valkyries. In the ampoule of the time you could see a golden hourglass, with inside small luminescent stars descending slowly from side to side. In the ampoule of the ice, eyeing a light snowstorm, driven by a slight wind. In the ampoule of the water, the Queen saw a rough tide, which was to become a raging storm. Noting this, the heart of Regeljan frowned. In fact, the magic ampoules, showed the feelings and the works that were making the five Valkyries. The Queen came to the following, which was the ampoule of the fire... the Queen saw some flames, that instead of being reds, had become as blacks as coal burning. But it was observing the last ampoule, that the Queen Regeljan almost fainted. What she saw were of the carnivorous plants, which were divided shrewdly a toad, and other careless carnivorous plants were trying to break the fairy ampoule glass.
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